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Friday, March 14, 2008

A Brick, a Granite Stone or a Bronze Star

We’ve enjoyed the videos, pictures and stories from a special night not too long ago when Alabama Music Hall of Fame’s America’s Music Award was given to Taylor Hicks. And now we have an opportunity to show Taylor just how proud of him we are and say thank you to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Just how do we accomplish these tasks, you want to know!

The Soul Connection, the free e-zine published for the Soul Patrol, is sponsoring a drive to put Taylor Hicks’ name on a brick, a granite stone or a bronze star! The donations made by the Soul Patrol to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame will determine which of these will actually wind up carrying Taylor’s name. Now which would you like to see carry Taylor Hicks’ name!

As Taylor Hicks’ fans, we can now support a meaning­ful and permanent tribute to his talent, his musicianship, his character, and his achieve­ments by participating in The Alabama Music Hall of Fame “I Believe In Music Walk” – a walkway surrounding the fountain in front of the museum that is covered with bricks and granite stones etched with the names of mu­sic stars, music fans, and company names. Thousands of people visit the museum and see these bricks and stones year after year.

Just like we did during his journey to the AI5 crown, we can now join together as his fanbase to honor Taylor with his own stone on the “I Believe in Music Walk.” Here’s how it works!

•We are asking our readers to make a contribution to The Alabama Music Hall of Fame with the goal of supporting Taylor in this manner.
•Depending on the amount of funds donated, one of the following sizes of stone will be purchased for the walkway:

$1,000 donation = 16” x 8” Granite stone
$500 donation = 8” x 8” Granite stone
$250 donation = 8” x 4” Granite stone
$125 donation = Normal size brick
A $5,000 donation = Bronze star imbedded in the floor in the building!

•The AL MHOF is supporting this effort in that all donations will be sent to them and put in a special account for this purpose. If you can join in supporting Taylor in this way, please make a check payable to AL MHOF for your donation and mail directly to:

Alabama Music Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 740405
Tuscumbia, AL 35674

•Be sure to make a note on the check that this is for Taylor Hicks/The Soul Connection so it can be put in the correct account.
•This is a 100% tax deductible donation.
•All monies collected will benefit The Alabama Music Hall of Fame.
•The April 2008 issue of The Soul Connection will carry a status report.
•Email if you’d like to discuss your gift.
The campaign is scheduled to run through the month of April!

Taylor’s fans have heard a lot re­cently about The Alabama Music Hall of Fame when it presented an America’s Music Award to Taylor during its February 22, 2008 In­duction Banquet & Awards Show.

By joining together, we can make a perma­nent effort in recognition of Taylor’s musical journey as well as to the future of young musicians in Alabama. No donation is too small. Please join us by sending your check today! Visit to see sample com­memorative stones.

About the Alabama Music Hall of Fame

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame was a dream and goal of the Muscle Shoals Music Association, a Shoals area based professional organization of recording studio owners, producers, musicians, songwriters, and other music profes­sionals. Through their efforts, in 1980 the Alabama State Legislature created a state agency, The Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board, with a mandate to honor all of the state’s great music achievers and to build a facility to showcase these talented individuals and their accomplishments.

In 1987 the citizens of Alabama passed a statewide referendum for the construc­tion of Phase One of the project, a 12,500 square foot exhibit hall - The Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Grand opening cer­emonies were held July 26, 1990 with over 35,000 music lovers on hand to celebrate and enjoy the music provided by many of Alabama’s finest talents.

Each year thousands of tourists, school children, historians, and music fans tour the facility to see, hear, and learn of the many contributions made to music by Alabam­ians.

One of the primary objectives of AMHOF is to encourage young peoples’ interest in music, including focused field trips in the museum to find information about music professionals, an exhibit that travels to area schools highlighting the accomplishments of the many African-American achievers from the state, a special performance pro­gram featuring an Alabama music achiever, and special events like the upcoming Easter Egg-Stravaganza to introduce pre-schoolers, kindergarten, or first graders to the museum.

Visit The Alabama Music Hall of Fame (near Muscle Shoals AL),
617 Hwy 72W, in Tuscumbia AL in 2008!

For more information about this wonderful music museum, visit

Reprinted with permission from The Soul Connection

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