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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finding a Cure for the Taylor Hicks Blues

After an aggressive 2007 spring and summer tour for Taylor Hicks, I can certainly understand his need for down time to not only write and record a new album, but to also recharge his musical batteries. The week-end travel for me certainly took its toll and I’m almost twice Taylor’s age! Youth, that’s the only way anyone would be able to survive a musician’s life-style!
With all the free week-ends of late, I’m starting to feel the need to roam, to take a road trip to nowhere, to find some sort of musical release, to see and hear Taylor Hicks in concert again! Even my physician wants to know when I will be on the road again. (I really think she’s a closet-Taylor Hicks fan and this is how she’s able to find out where Taylor Hicks will be performing!) I must look miserable when I’m in her office and her only advice is to go find a concert or a new CD or new musician! Anything, because not even “two aspirin and a call-me-in-the-morning” do any good! Unfortunately, there is no pill for the Taylor Hicks Blues. Oh please help me find a cure for the Taylor Hicks Blues!

I’ve resorted to cleaning my own house (the housekeeper was just in the way!). My many in-progress scrapbooks are getting caught up. My cats pester me when I’m on my laptop – go away, the keyboard’s warm and cozy. Books have been read. Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, and all the Taylor Hicks boards and blogs are scoured daily. I’m now so organized from boredom, that I’m considering running for Congress to straighten them out! I tell you, these Taylor Hicks Blues are really getting me down!

So what’s a fan to do! Bury my head in my hands? Continue to search and scour daily? Peak into my personal vault of pictures and old blog posts? Daydream a concert scenario? Think every tall, slim gray-haired male is Taylor Hicks? I ask you, I implore you, how can I cure this bad case of the Taylor Hicks Blues!

Well, as that old song says, “I’m just gonna sit right down and write myself a letter….”

Dear RagsQueen:

I hear you are suffering from a really nasty case of the Taylor Hicks Blues. As you’ve no doubt already discovered, there’s just no cure for this rapidly spreading ailment. It’s characterized by twitching side to side throwing back the head and shoulders and yelling out ‘woos’ or ‘wooo hooo’ at the most inappropriate times, such as hearing that familiar voice over a Wal-Mart music system.

Why, I saw a woman just the other day, obviously suffering from the same malady burst into tears, running around grabbing every young gray-haired guy and asking for his autograph and picture. The pain and suffering she was experiencing must have been so awful that she was later seen rearranging the CDs trying to make sure every front slot had a “Taylor Hicks” CD. She was last seen running behind a black SUV with tinted windows screaming……. (I wonder if Fox 6 in Birmingham might have video since this was the store in Hoover, just outside of Birmingham).

So I understand your need to find a cure for the Taylor Hicks Blues. It’s just about to become a national epidemic among the Soul Patrol. We’ve all heard that Taylor is busy writing and gathering music for his next CD. There’s “Whomp at the Warfield”, the long-awaited DVD from the San Francisco stop to be released soon – too bad Comcast doesn’t carry HD-Net.

And what’s this I hear: you’re taking up golf? I knew you took golf in college, but I thought you learned your lesson when it took 25 shots to putt the 2-inch ball into the 4.25 inch hole! But then I did hear you played on your new employer’s team with the head partner before you ever started the job which must have taxed you to your very core! Alas, when Taylor Hicks takes to the charity golf games, at least you will understand what’s going on.

That said, I guess you better just go check out some stuff on the internet that I understand have been know to lessen the Taylor Hicks Blues symptoms.

  • Go straight to the source for your Rx, Taylor Hicks’ own home site for a small membership fee, Taylor Hicks Head Quarters or Taylor Hicks’ personal MySpace for free information

  • I hear The Taylor Hicks Community in conjunction with The Whomp Swamp and Taylor Made Online has quite a collection of media including pictures and video.

  • Taylor’s Angels blog is known for having some great interviews and video as well.

  • If you need a shopping spree, the solders that benefit from the Proud of Our Troops Drive would undoubtedly enjoy some CDs or inspirational books, such as “Heart Full of Soul”.

  • Even The Soul Connection newsletter is doing a campaign to raise funds for a bronze star with Taylor Hicks’ name that would benefit from your extra change.

  • Then there’s always the Blooming Proud blog, Taylor Hicks My Idol, that’s known for its video and stories about Taylor. Check it out. Someone found a temporary cure there.

  • Don’t forget Alan at The Official Soul Patrol, affectionately known as TOSP, has agreed to put up a picture of himself if the next year’s operating funds are raised

  • You can always Keep the Boogie Alive with the Boogie Board

  • Perhaps help out the mothers of the Kid One kids with Mother’s Day cards through KOPS, or Kid One Patrol of Soul

  • Your New England sisters can surely use a dose of something to help ease their symptoms as well

  • And don’t forget those ladies of the soul, Taylor Made Soul, they can use some of this remedy as well

  • A couple of new spots for pictures have sprung up where you just ‘right, click & save’ or for some new takes on old media, there’s Taylor Hicks Fan Video

  • Plus a couple of new forums for those times when you feel the need to commiserate on those terrible Taylor Hicks Blues symptoms like SQR Soul Patrol Forum or The Real Deal

  • If all else fails, you might consider updating “RagsQueen & the Traveling Circus” or at least go back and review your old musings for a trip down memory lane.

So you see, my dear self, there may be no cure for the Taylor Hicks Blues, but there certainly is a lot of stuff out there to help you take your mind off of the symptoms, much like shot of whiskey for those awful cramps. Try it and see if that doesn’t help you – the sources of relief above, not the whiskey!

Dedicated to Finding a Cure for the Taylor Hicks Blues,

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