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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Perhaps Another Anthem for Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks has been quoted as saying the song closest to being his own personal anthem would be his own original song, “Soul Thing”. I must admit the main lyrics do sound pretty much like Taylor’s life as a traveling musician. Taylor has often talked and written about the long drives, the sometimes loneliness, the visiting muses, and playing blue-eyed soul. Yes, the words do sound a lot like his life.

I've been traveling all these years, just barely getting by.
The road can be your friend or the devil in disguise.
When the tough get going, the muses visit me.
Yet in soft, low tones, they always say to me, say to me….,
Where the city street meets the county road,
where the sun is nice and warm,
no matter how long I may roam, t
his song still takes us home, Takes us home.
Now we'll tell you about these times, when the blues come out to play,
and jazz leaves her number... it's funny, she always says:
"Well, the city lights fly by me, as their eyes are getting heavy.
We're sending our love over telephone wire.
These days getting lonelier by the the mile."
(Refrain omitted)

Soul Thing, Taylor Hicks, Composer & Artist

As I was driving to work the other day, listening to Taylor first major album release, “Taylor Hicks”, I heard phrases in the song that popped out and screamed, “THIS could be about Taylor’s life, perhaps another personal anthem for him. Taylor has performed it many times, before and since his days on American Idol. And that new personal anthem might easily be Paul Pena’s, “Gonna Move”.

When I was a little boy, I felt so alone
Quiet country house that I had to call home
Living with a couple of folks, rich millionaires
Sat on their money; Lord, it seems they didn't care
Finally we moved to our own place
where I could walk around with a smile on my face,
and I knew in order to be a man
I had to pull up my roots and move on in this land
Came to a school in the big city
Looked around at the lights and I thought they were pretty
They told me and teached me to live by their rules
So I wouldn't be nobody's fool
I found out, not too long
Their rules wouldn't let me sing my song
I knew in order to be a man
I had to pull up my roots once again and move on in this land
Then I joined the college ranks
There they said they'd teach me how to think
They gave me books to read and papers to write
They didn't know about this boy's coming fight
But I found out after awhile
reading those books was making me lose my smile
I knew in order to not conceal
I had to play music and express what I feel
(Refrain omitted)

Paul Pena, Composer & Artist

As a child, Taylor Hicks has said he often felt alone. Music because his solace, his way of finding peace in his life. That seems sad to me that a small child would have to find a substitute for nurturing love at a young age. But given how Taylor tends to “feel” the music, perhaps that has helped to benefit his audiences’ enjoyment of his performances.

And then there’s “the college ranks” where Taylor Hicks, himself, said he majored in bars and music. He must have found some success as a musician during those college years because he left to pursue a career as a musician.

With ten or so years of trying to make it in the music world, Taylor finally decided to audition for American Idol. The rest of the story is fairly well known! If you’re not familiar with Taylor’s story, be sure to pick up a copy of Taylor Hicks’, “Heart Full of Soul”, which is an insightful read into Taylor’s private world.

After reading the words to the song, “Gonna Move”, what are your thoughts?

Video, courtesy of EJ, "Gonna Move", Liberty Bowl's President's Gala


juliegr said...

The words in Gonna Move seem to be an exact fit for Taylor's journey to this point. Especially when you think of how Taylor tried different things then "pulled up his roots and moved on in this land". It is rather sad to think of the rejections and second guessing he endured but it all seems to be working out and I'm happy for him.

Thanks for another good essay.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought this song was a dead ringer for Taylor ad his journey. He performed this song quite a bit even before Idol, it just seems to have taken on a new meaning for him since then.

Another song that I've felt could be Taylor's personal anthem is "My Home's In Alabama". "Took my hopes and dreams to Nashville then I moved on to L.A." Gives me chills every time!

PBoyers said...

I have always thought that Gonna Move was a personal song for Taylor. He performed it many times with LiMBO and when Taylor put it on his self titled album "Taylor Hicks" and I had the chance to really hear his rendition - I knew that he was taking us along with him back to a private part of his life. He has fought the hard fight - staying true to his dreams, his music and his song.

Thanks RQ - for putting this out here for us to share.

c4tay said...

Nice article, ragsqueen. I, too, agree that "Gonna Move" fits perfectly, but I also agree with anonymous who said that "My Home's In Alabama" is a great one for him also. I really am hoping he does an acoustic version of this song on his next cd. I LOVE hearing him sing this one. (Of course, I LOVE hearing him sing everything.)

medolark said...

I, too, agree with both songs but I've noticed many of his songs seem to be songs he can relate with ie: Wherever I lay My Hat, Trouble and PIB just to name a few. IMHO this is the sign of a soul/blues have to feel the song to sing it.

Great job RagsQ as always. Ü

Anonymous said...

I have alway thought that Taylor sings about himself. Particularly when he tours.

He sings what he likes, what crosses his mind, what his week has been like, how he fell asleep on the phone and how he misses someone. Take the cap off your camera. He sings when sick, bored, unfocused, and happy, hyper, and a little drunk.

He sang about having someone before we ever knew about it.

I think this is what he means by an organic sounding album. He really means to speak to us, in the way we have become accustomed .

I wonder how many ways he can sing about being happy? lol

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