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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Dare You - A Soul Patrol Challenge

When I was graduating high school many decades ago, I was honored to win the "I Dare You" award. During times like we have experienced this past week-end, I'm reminded of this book, a book which is based on daring us to make a difference.

So right now, I dare each of you to make a difference - a Soul Patrol Challenge, if you will. None of us are happy with the amount of donations that were actually received by Kid One from the convention. Let's make a difference. We can do it. Let's make individual donations. Those who went may be tapped out from the experience, but those of you who didn't, hopefully you are willing to accept the challenge. Donate! No matter how small or how large, just donate.

Let's show everyone what we are made of - let's make a difference for Kid One (or your favorite charity if you prefer) - but let's make a difference - and maybe make even Taylor Hicks proud of us!

To donate to Kid One, follow the link below!



Tappanga said...

This is a great idea, Mandy!!!

The Taylor Hicks Times said...

Thats a wonderful Idea! We can make a differance! Let's clear the SP name!

The Real Deal Blog said...

In case your interested. I just finished posting my latest ramblings.
Feel free to leave a comment and ramble with me:

dkrice said...

Thanks Mandy, what a great idea! With gas prices going sky high, it's kind of scary for Kid One right now. They can use all the help they can get!

The next time I fill my gas tank, that's how much I'm sending to Kid One! I'll let you know!

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