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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

All's Fair in Love and War or Is It?

After investing so much time and energy in American Idol Season 5, I swore I wouldn't watch Season 6. I promised myself, and all my family and friends that I wouldn't watch the new season. What can I say. I failed.

On premier night, I watched a couple of minutes. It was just enough time to watch two young ladies get the golden ticket. OK, that was enough and I turned it off. I was satisfied that I was finished.Wrong!

Week 2 finds me in front of the screen again. It wasn't my fault. I was meeting my daughter and granddaughters for a birthday dinner. We were seated in the back corner, right under the flat screen TV. The manager just assumed I wanted to watch Idol, so he turned it on. Now, mind you, I had control of the remote. But, NOOO, I left it. After all, the rest of the dinner party probably wanted to see it. Bad mistake on my part.

I really found the show that night to be appalling, really. Simon was most unkind to several potential contestants. I expected Simon to repeat comments similar to last year that he made to Mandisa. I was rather surprised at his restraint. That was until...

Remarks about the voice, positive or negative, are expected. But to make fun of a person's appearance, particularly when the person can't do anything about it, goes beyond good taste and even what should be acceptable to the television networks. I couldn't believe my ears. Did Simon really say what he just did? My heart ached for the young man.

I have only one thing to say to Simon. OK, only one thing that is printable. Simon, if you were told your accent was probably as fake as your pedigree, would you still be laughing?

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