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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Idol and the Almost Idol

"Give me a chance, give me a chance, give me a chance”. I feel a bit like Taylor during his audition as I write this entry. This blog is supposed to be about Taylor, American Idol or music in general. I’m about to work in all three topics at once! So please, don’t stop reading when you see what I’m talking about – give me a chance – maybe this will surprise you!

Keep this in mind. I like Chris, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy his music or tour tickets. Now Taylor, on the other hand, I’m a fan, big fan, and supporter – just look at how many shows I’m attending!

Personally, I get a bit tired, really tired, when critics and fans compare Taylor Hicks, the Idol, with Chris Daughtry, the Almost Idol. So what am I about to do – the same thing – only with a twist!

Let’s start with the similarities. Both Taylor and Chris have been in the music business for a number of years, having formed their own bands. Both are writers as well as performers, and both are very talented. Both are males – like you haven’t already noticed! And very easy on the eyes and giving the heart a few flutters! Both were in the top 4 on American Idol Season 5. Both have performed the national anthem at a televised sporting event. Both have upcoming tours. Both have earned gold and platinum status. Perhaps that’s were the similarities end.

So how are they different? The obvious first! One has gray hair and the other has none! One’s tall and the other’s average height. One is older than the other, and one may experience weight problems while the other doesn’t. One’s album came out without a single or video. The other has a video and single with his album. So much for the obvious!

The real differences are in their musical styles. Taylor is a bluesy soul singer with dance moves that only a chiropractor would endorse. Chris, on the other hand, is a rocker. Their music will likely be played on different radio stations, based solely on the music genre that station plays. Pure and simple. Taylor and Chris are two very different performers, and thank goodness! Each brings something special to the table that makes their fans stand up and take notice with a willingness to go to bat for their favorite.

But what I find to be the truest form of similarity or difference, depending on your perspective, is this:

Taylor recognizes that Chris has talent, and wishes Chris nothing but the best in his career.

Chris is tired of the apologies for not winning the title. As a matter of fact, he hates hearing it. And he has said he’s doing all right.

So what’s my conclusion? Both guys are very talented musicians with a great following of fans. They are each doing what they want to be doing, and each is finding his own level of success. They are happy with how their careers are going, and so should we!

Let the bickering end!

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