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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Interview at 10:00 - Taylor is in the House

Hopefully you have read Part I of the interview with Taylor. Below is the Part II, the final part of the interview. And like any good interview, I must pay homage to my sponsors!

Seeing Taylor, live, in person, performing at small intimate venues and theatres is what makes Taylor so unique. His voice, dance moves, guitar and harp playing are all part of the total package! Be sure to see Taylor live because Taylor Hicks live will rock you and leave you wanting more!

To find out where Taylor is performing, check out, and for more information. What are you waiting for – there’s nothing better than Taylor Hicks live in concert! You will be Taylorized!

So you find below, Taylor’s responses to the rest of my questions (well I did have some help but I still won’t tell who asked what!)


Part II
Music in general:

RagsQueen: What musical instrument do you wish you knew how to play, not necessarily one you would play in a show, but one just for fun? (See picture above)

Taylor: The Vibes

RagsQueen: Where would you like to perform that you haven’t (it can be anywhere in the world)?

Taylor: Sydney Opera House

Ragsqueen: We all know that you are a great performer and you have confidence in your singing abilities. What genre of music would you not attempt in public?

Taylor: Thrash metal

Charitable endeavors:

RagsQueen: How did you get involved with Kid One Transport and Studio by the Tracks? What caused you to select these 2 rather than other charities in the Birmingham area?

Taylor: They were kinda artsy and close to me.

Getting to know you better:

RagsQueen: Blindness played a role in Ray Charles’ career. Which sense would you be willing to give up and which would you miss the most?

Taylor: Smell because it wouldn’t affect me musically.

RagsQueen: What gives you peace of mind?

Taylor: Having a great show.

RagsQueen: How do you feel when women seem to be paralyzed or speechless in your presence?

Taylor: Flattered, wouldn’t you?

Just for fun:

RagsQueen: Will you play an April Fool’s joke on your crew?

Taylor: Yes, and what it will be is a surprise!!

Thank you, Taylor, for taking the time to respond to these questions that will give your fans more insight into the person you are and what makes you such a special person with the Soul Patrol.

Stick around folks. The traveling circus is headed back out this week-end for more Taylorization, I mean more Taylor tunes, I mean more Taylor energy. Oh heck! I’m just going to go watch the live energizer bunny as Taylor Hicks performs live at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN!

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