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Monday, March 5, 2007

Interview at 6:00 - Taylor is in the House

Trying to keep fresh ideas when writing a blog is not always an easy task, but it definitely is fun! So I get this hair-brained idea to see if Taylor would do an interview for the blog. He’s busy with his tour, but maybe, just maybe, he could squeeze in a few answers between the greens and roughs while on a golf course.

I have to tell you, though, pure Taylor is seeing him live, in person, on the stage, in a small theatre such as the Florida Theatre or House of Blues. The passion, the energy, it’s all magical! Given a chance to bet on Taylor or the Energizer Bunny for the longest lasting energy, my money’s on Taylor!

To find out where Taylor is performing, check out, and for more information. What are you waiting for – there’s nothing better than Taylor Hicks live in concert! You will be Taylorized!

So you find below, Taylor’s responses to my questions (well I did have some help but I won’t tell who asked what!)


Part I

Tour related questions:

RagsQueen: What do you do before a concert to get yourself mentally and physically ready to go on stage?

Taylor: Eat chicken noodle soup.

RagsQueen: How did you go about selecting the cover songs for the tour, especially Rod Stewart’s “Young Turks”? (I love your version of it and was caught completely by surprise when you sang it in Jacksonville!)

Taylor: It just made sense. I wanted to pick music that connected to me.

RagsQueen: What is the message you are trying to convey with that song?

Taylor: Be young, be foolish and be happy.

RagsQueen: Before each show, how do you determine the set list?

Taylor: Usually, my musical director, Loren, and I get together and talk through it.

RagsQueen: Is it influenced by the location, your emotions, or what you had for breakfast?

Taylor: By my wheaties, definitely. 

RagsQueen: How does your laundry get done while you are on tour?

Taylor: I do it myself at the hotels.

RagsQueen: Describe your perfect day when you are not on tour, and when you are on

Taylor: Not on tour-golfing. On tour- golfing and then performing.

RagsQueen: What do you do to unwind after a show?

Taylor: I enjoy a glass of wine and hang with the band.

RagsQueen: Will we ever hear “Give Me Tonight or “Places I’ve Been” on the tour?

Taylor: I just started playing “Give me Tonight” and you never know what I will decide at a future date about other songs.

RagsQueen: What is your favorite amenity on your bus?

Taylor: Root beer

RagsQueen: For your next tour, what would you like to add?

Taylor: More dates!

RagsQueen: Who decides what you will wear at a meet & greet or for a show?

Taylor: I do. I have taken a liking to picking out clothes and looking sharp.

RagsQueen: Have you ever been so caught up in the music that the audience seemingly disappears?

Taylor: Sometimes, but I love performing for the audience so the disappearance wouldn’t be for a long time…

RagsQueen: What do you have planned for the Soul Patrol and your career after this tour? Another album? Another tour? What can we expect?

Taylor: Definitely another album and another tour and this summer, I will be doing press tour for my book, Heart Full of Soul. Keeping the momentum moving.

Be sure to check back often. Part II will be posted soon! And now a word from our sponsors!

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