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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Concert With Taylor

One of my favorite poems to read or recite is “A Visit From St. Nick” or “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”. I personally own several versions of this holiday poem, including a version for cat lovers (go figure!). So for this entry, I thought it would be fun to take that famous poem and rewrite it as if I were attending a great Taylor Hicks’ concert! So as you read the lines, do so with the original poem in mind.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


‘Twas the night of the big concert, and music filled the house,
Everyone was listening, including the concert hall mouse!
The chairs were all filled with fans and newbies alike
As Taylor came on stage and grabbed for his mike!
The Soul Patrol was ready to give lots of shouts
As the band started playing so that there were no pouts!
We were dancing and waving and singing along
‘Cause we knew all the words to each and every song!
“Gonna Move” started the set and was followed by more
While Taylor’s sweat was coming out of every possible pore!
“The Right Place” and “The Deal” and “Hell of a Day”
Were terrific and energetic and perfect in every way.
We listened and danced as the concert went on
While the cell cert host kept watch on her phone!
“Heaven Knows” and “The Maze” and “Soul Thing” too
Kept us dancing and screaming for more “Medicated Goo”!
Now cameras were taping and pictures were taken
For us to post on the boards for everyone’s takin’!
Then all of a sudden security did appear
Which put us with cameras in panic and fear
Then they turned away quickly and looked no more
So we kept on filming and snapping pictures galore!
Now Brian was on keyboards and Mitch was on bass
And Zippy on the drums was making his case!
Sam on the guitar and Jeff with the sax and flute
Taylor had to play harmonica just to follow suit!
Time for “The Runaround” and “Hey Pokey Way”
‘Cause we wanted Taylor and LMBO together to stay!
“Wherever I Lay My Hat” and “Give Me Tonight”
With Taylor dancing, oh my, what a sight!
Taylor was wearing a white shirt with his jeans
New Balance sneakers that give him the means
To dance and jump and shake his great buns
In a way that would make us all glad we’re not nuns!
“Just to Feel That Way” and the spunky “My Friend”
Is enough to make our backs and knees bend!
With a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face
We couldn’t help but wonder how he kept up his pace!
Now he tags lots of songs with out missing a beat
Which keeps us all standing rather than having a seat!
Then “Badge” was followed by Rod Stewarts’ “Young Turks” To complete a Taylor concert full of great song perks!
The band was real tight as Taylor gave each the spotlight
To showcase their talent while they played with all their might!
Brian’s fingers across the keyboards, how fast they could fly
While Jeff played the sax and the flute together, oh my! my!
Zippy on drums kept pace with Sam and Mitch
As Taylor sang his songs in perfect note pitch!
The main set had ended and the encore started when
We finally got to hear all “The Places I’ve Been”!
When the concert was ended Taylor yelled “see you real soon”
Then he dashed off the stage to miss our collective swoon!
Out by the buses he signed autographs and chatted
As we waited to see if we’d get our hearts patted!
Then he got on the bus but before they drove out of sight,
He yelled “SOUL PATROL” and “Thanks for a great night!”


madaboutu said...

Thanks for inviting us to the concert! Since so many of us know just how Taylors concerts go, it was easy to imagine being there. I thought you did a really good job of rhyming too!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job RagsQueen! Very creative!

I long for the day that Taylor sings Places I've Been. Any thoughts on why he doesn't sing this song in concert?

Anonymous said...

Hehe...You KNOW I love it. Great job.

B :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy. Great job once again. I love your pictures.

And would you be adding to your list of concert dates a show and a halftime performance in Memphis at the end of December?
See you on the road.

tishlp said...

Cute, cute, cute. Both the poem and the subject of the poem. :)

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