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Saturday, December 8, 2007

RagsQueen's Letter to Santa for the Traveling Circus

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year. I've supported the local economies around the areas wherever there was a Taylor Hicks concert by staying in local hotels & eating at local restaurants all under the guise of being there to see Taylor Hicks in concert. I've even bought lots of Taylor Hicks tour merchandise under the misguided misconception that I was putting food on the merchandise guy's table and maybe some for Taylor as well. I even single-handedly kept Northwest out of bankruptcy with all the flights I had to take.

Then there's the blog that I write almost weekly, you know, “RagsQueen & the Traveling Circus”. My fingers have developed calluses because I write such detailed accounts of my adventures so the readers can feel like they were there. And I do share pictures so that they can help me keep the photo shops in business. I've enjoyed sharing my experiences, but hope no one envies me with all that tiring travel. I know someone has to do it, and I volunteered, so I've just made the best of the situation.

And then there are the charities that Taylor Hicks loves and has asked the Soul Patrol to support as well. I'm a frequent bidder on eBay for those charity auctions, so again I've been a good girl sharing all my resources and time, not to mention getting those one-of-a-kind Taylor Hicks items. Add that to what I already have, plus a few drum sticks thrown in for good measure (gotta have something to defend my goodies with was my explanation for getting them in the first place!)

But more importantly, Santa, I have been so good this year that I took my daughter and granddaughters to a couple of Taylor Hicks concerts. We needed the family bonding time and where better to do that than on the road, like Birmingham or Southaven.

Oh and before I forget it, I helped support education! It was all in good fun - those one-armed bandits in all the casinos I've been to were great at helping me be more charitable in contributing to the various state scholarship programs. They may have had to stop supporting education if it hadn't been for my contributions at those Southern stops.

So, Santa, since I've been so good this year, full of charity and generosity and economic responsibility, is there any chance that you have in your sleigh tickets for me to attend any and every concert Taylor Hicks does in 2008? If you come up with the show tickets, I'll continue to support the local economies, the airline bail-outs, and the state education funds. Front row would be nice, but I won't be too greedy - second or third row will work just as well!

And could you throw in a few extra tickets for some of the shows so that I can meet the needs of some of the addicts that call themselves the Soul Patrol, and maybe enough to donate to Taylor's Angels so that they can send a few new recruits to see Taylor as well. You never know when those new faces might help tame the Soul Patrol.

I'll leave the lights on Christmas Eve, plus a glass of wine and plate of cheese and crackers. My cats would drink the milk anyway, and the cookies would just wind up being batted across the hardwood floors like little pucks. Thanks to the cats, there are no mice, so the cheese is safe!

Hope you have a great holiday season, Santa. And when you make your stops at the homes of the Soul Patrol, take pity on those poor souls - they can't help their addiction to Taylor Hicks. Maybe you could leave them some tickets, CDs or books to help fill the tour void. I promise not to tell their sponsors that you caused them to 'slip off the wagon'!

Keep up the good work and holiday cheer, Santa!

RagsQueen & the Traveling Circus

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THawks said...

Mandy, that was GREAT! "It's your economic responsibility!!" I have read and enjoyed many of your blogs this year! I have two flamepoint Himilayans and a sealpoint and I too, cannot leave out cookies and milk. I can never keep Christmas balls on the bottom of the tree either. I have a feeling I will be running into you at some point in 08! Have a wonderful holiday!

tygrlillie said...

Dearest Santa -
It would be lovely to travel like the dear lady does, exploring the world and seeing Tay as often as she does being able to aquire lovely items and enjoy the greatest parts of being a soul patroler, but it isn't a possibility for me. So, please Santa, continue to encourage and support this lady and the fun I get from reading of her adventures.
~tyggie the way, when you come to Tennessee, drop in on me and I will go on at least part of the way with you.....

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining but I had a hard time getting through the text because those pictures of Taylor are so darned awesome.
What a great cause to spend your money on: all the groups will benefit
Taylor, the band, education, hospitality industry, airlines, rental car co., but most of all you!
For what I got this year from Taylor, I made out like a bandit.

Great read. It's been a pleasure to check in here all year and read your blog and see the pictures you have shared.


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AH said...

Mandy, that was a fun read. Always enjoy your blog. Here's hoping Taylor keeps you just as busy in 2008 - once he gets through entertaining the rest of the world :)
Happy Holidays to you and the pretty "dolls"

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