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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Own Taylor Hicks Journey

Taylor Hicks has been on his own personal journey, but so have his faithful followers known as the Soul Patrol. And man, what a wonderful journey we, those fans, have had……

Have you ever read something that left you with that ‘wishing you had written that’ feeling? Well, just the other day I was reading a new blog and that day’s entry at and that’s just how I felt after I had finished reading it. I immediately contacted the writer and requested permission to repost it here because I felt her words were exactly what I was thinking and she had said it the most eloquently!

"We've come so far....."

“Taylor has come from a young, hopeful musician recording his first album at 19, to the svelte, hand-jivin’ star of Grease! He has gone abroad, gone jamming, and gone to Broadway. He has parked the old van and has ridden beside the driver on his own luxury tour bus. He’s been in a bubble, a golf cart, and an ice cream cone. He’s been on the 5-story billboard on the corner of 47th Street and Broadway.”

“We have come from routines that sometimes bordered on boring to dealing with “general admission” and standing in one place much longer than God ever intended. We have boarded planes and trains, driven back roads, gotten lost, found our way and, in the end, always made it to wherever Taylor was. We know whomp, swamp rock, and blue-eyed soul. We read Rolling Stone—don’t tell the kids!”

“We’ve learned to live in cyberspace. We can upload, download, and overload. We blog, post, and embed. We write html, create videos, store pictures in a bucket, and respond to 253 emails while eating dinner.”

“What’s next? We went to Broadway to see Taylor as he invited us to do. Now, he is bringing Broadway to many of our hometowns! Spring will bring us new Taylor music. We see exciting prospects for the journey ahead. We’ve said it before…we will be there.”

“We know one thing for sure…our way will be inspired by Taylor Hicks. His quest for something more in his life has made our lives richer. Someone has said that it is not the destination but the journey that matters.”

“We’ve come so far. We still have far to go. Taylor recently wrote with the release of Early Works, “Thanks for coming on the ride.”

“Thanks, Taylor, for taking us!”

Ah, yes, thanks Taylor Hicks for showing us, particularly us older fans, that we aren’t dried up old prunes, that we still have lots of get up and get, and that we stand ready to take up any challenge you present us. Thanks for coming into our homes, our hearts, our minds, and our lives. You have enriched us with new music, new friends, new opportunities, and new prospects. You’ve shown us that gray hair can be an asset, that dreams can come true, that hard work pays off, and that “the road can be your friend” and ours.

If you are looking for more information on what Taylor Hicks is up, make some new friends, or just hang out, there’s a great place on the web that will fill that need. Please stop by thetaylorhickscommunity where you are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

I also connected with the blog from thetaylorhickscommunity , as my musical appreciation has been ignited in a positive way due to the spark that was Mr. Hicks.

Whether it is the making of new , diverse friends or the knowledge of how to work the keyboard on the internet in ways I had never cared to conquer;this journey with and for Taylor Hicks has been enlightening.

Never say you can't teach an "old dog" new tricks...........yeah ya can !!!!!


juliegr said...

Glad you shared the post from THC. I haven't accomplished all the feats the writer details (particularly writing html!!!) but my list of talents I've added to my "resume" is awesome. ;)

Thanks for another entertaining blog, Mandy. Hope to see you at one of the upcoming performances.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful blog entry from TTHC, Mandy. And you are correct, our Journeys have taken us to many Places We've Never Been, and I love it!


caryl said...

I had forgotten how important music can be in your life. As teens, the music is always playing, defining your mood, connecting you with those who are at the same point in their journey through life as you are.

But then you get busy and you forget to just hit that button to bring the music swelling up. Or maybe it's been on all along and you just forgot to listen.

All the right elements combined in Taylor to make us pay attention again and it's been a blast.

Anonymous said...

This expresses how I feel. I never thought I would be on this thrilling musical journey. But it began when I heard that voice sing...."I was born on the river..." The friends, the camaraderie, the shared laughter and joy has been like experiencing a "mini-renaissance" in my life.

RagsQueen said...

I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to read today's entry and a special thank you if you posted a response. Blogging isn't always easy and finding that others stop by to see what's new helps fuel the creative juices. If you write a blog too, you know what I mean! I'm always happy to see a flurry of activity after every post! Thanks to all who visit from time to time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. This certainly has been a wonderful journey with Taylor and so much more to come.

tishlp said...

I enjoyed the blog entry. And I'm so glad I jumped on the bandwagon. There's no way Taylor is going to shake me off now, it's been too much fun.

san said...

Thanks, Mandy, for your devotion to what has become the Taylor Experience--a rich part of our lives that not only involves music and Taylor Hicks, but new friends and, for many of us, an exciting road less traveled!

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