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Friday, November 21, 2008

Taking Time for Being Thankful

The leaves are turning magnificent colors, the air is getting that nose nipping chill, the pumpkins are plump and the shops are decorating for the holidays. Our last holiday of the fall season is next week, a day of bounty, family, friends, memories, parades and ballgames. A day to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. For some, it may not be a good day, for others, it will be a day to be as stuffed as the turkey, and for others, perhaps just another day.

As I sit here right now, I have a lot to be personally thankful for. I have a good job that covers the bills and allows me to travel some, especially when I need to hear some good music and see that ‘handsome brown-eyed man’ named Taylor Hicks! I have a healthy family, two beautiful granddaughters who light up my day and two gorgeous cats that have to be with me constantly when I’m home. My home is warm and dry and the pantry is well-stocked. My SUV runs well and the tank is nearly full. Yes, I know I am blessed, and equally as bless as others. We are alive and we are free.

Perhaps as we sit around the family table this holiday, there are other things we can do to help others have a better holiday season. Taylor Hicks has brought a lot of us together through his music, and we are so much better for it. Our circle of friends has widened and made our lives more full.

This year, two fan boards have gotten together to help spread that joy to several less fortunate children in Taylor Hicks’ Birmingham hometown. The Official Soul Patrol (TOSP) and The Taylor Hicks Community (TTHC) have teamed up together to bring Christmas cheer to several Birmingham Salvation Army Angels this year. No donation is too small and any donation will be appreciated. If you’d like to help, go to one of the following site to sign up or donate – just remember – Taylor Hicks brought us together, and together we can Tay-it-Forward!


And one more thing that will also cost very little and will mean so much – saying thank you to a soldier healing at Walter Reed Medical Center this holiday season. To participate, send your cards and greeting to:

Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

Finally, from the RagsQueen and the Traveling Circus -
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective; the leaves are not changing; the chill is not really penetrating where I am residing, but I share in your sentiments Mandy.

Best wishes to all and please share your joy with a child or a serviceman or woman. Every tiny bit helps: it is the thought that counts.


KarinP said...

Thanksgiving always gives us an opportunity to sit back and appreciate the many things that we have.

This year, Thanksgiving and also at Christmas, there are many people on both sides of the border, who will need some help to get through the Holiday Season. With the economy looking so dismal, thankfully, it does not cost us anything to look around and appreciate the beauty that Nature provides us with.

Best wishes from Canada to all of you for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

san said...

We have so much to be thankful for--health, family, jobs. I am also thankful for one Taylor Hicks who brought us all together.

Thanks Ragsqueen for mentioning the 2008 Angel Tree. I hope we can help a few children have a brighter Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gr8fulheart said...

Thanx Mandy for the wonderfully put Thanksgiving message of gratefulness. Yes ~ Taylor certainly has brought so many of us together through his Love of music & willingness to share the Love with others.
Every day is a blessing when we can begin it with an 'Attitude of Gratitude'! I could not begin to list the many blessings I feel daily. Even in troubled times, we can prosper.
Yes ~ The Angel Tree! I've been there & did what I was compelled to do. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. The holidays seems to intensify the 'giving spirit' within us.
And ~ for our service men & women, this is a difficult time. Their selflessness abounds & we are sometimes ~ unintentionally ~ neglectful in reassuring them of how much we appreciate all they do to fight for our freedom. God Bless each of them, their Families & everyone who shows their support to these brave individuals.
♥Happy Thanksgiving♥

tygrlillie said...

Every Thanksgiving, I am reminded once again of how incredibly full my life is. I am healthy, and working hard for the things and the people I believe in, spending time with the people who touch my heart daily, and resting from a stressful semester almost wrapped up. I am looking forward to my daughter waking me up to watch the parades (we watch one live and tape the other), some football, and all these incredible foods filling the air. There's a crisp crunch of fall leaves, a snap in the air, and I couldn't be more blessed to have you - all of you - as an integral part of my family. Now and for as long as you wish, I am yours and you are mine. We are indeed very lucky to have found one another, and sharing that just makes it two-fold as prescious. May my Father hold you in His Hands, my friends.

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