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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taylor Hicks, "Grease" and Providence (RI, that is!)

As the sky darkens to indicate night is covering the ground, I realize that I am missing the opening night of the "Grease"National Tour, staring Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel, which starts tonight in Providence, RI, at the Providence Performing Arts Center. Instead, I'm having to remember those times I watched Taylor Hicks slide across the Broadway stage in an ice cream cone in New York City! It's not quite the same as being there, I know, but it will have to do for right now.

In just minutes the Rhode Island crowd will be witnessing Taylor Hicks open the doors of that ice cream cone suspended twenty feet or more in the air. They will watch him as the elevator lift descends to the floor where Taylor will croon "Beauty School Dropout" to Frenchy, trying to convince her to go back to high school to earn her degree. And the audience will be mesmerized by the glittering blue suit adorned with sequins to form the angel wings on the back of the jacket.

And by the time I get through dinner tonight that same audience will have watched the finale and curtain call where Taylor Hicks once again gets to perform a solo part and do some hand-jive as he dances his way to the end of the show. They may even get a special treat of a new song from Taylor that will be on his latest CD to be released in February 2009! Taylor Hicks has said in a number of recent interviews that he will be performing a new song from the CD at the end of each show. Sort of like a Taylor Hicks mini-concert coupled with a musical - a way to experience Taylor as an actor, singer and musician!

Yes, I'm wishing I could be there. But I'll wait for the reviews from fellow Soul Patrollers who are going to be there to cheer Taylor Hicks and applaud his performance. I hope they receive the treat of new music that is going to be incorporated as part of the show. No one knows for sure when those extra performances are to start, but I sure hope Providence is the starting point! Maybe as the name implies, providence will take over in Providence. A Soul Patroller can only hope!

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KarinP said...

Thankfully, with the power of the Internet, we will be able to read about "opening night" and I am sure that many are awaiting the news!

This is a very exciting adventure for Taylor because he is breaking new ground on this tour. I hope that you will have an opportunity to take in a show or two, Mandy because I always enjoy reading about the "Travelling Circus". I can't wait to hear about the song that he is going to perform.

Anonymous said...

I am always at Taylor's performances in spirit............ Speaking of spirit, the esprit de corps among his fans makes for enjoyable vicarious viewing of everything Taylor does.


san said...

Mandy, I also thought about Taylor yesterday starting out on a new tour. It just seems like that's where he should be...on the road entertaining. We know that he loves being on stage. You said very well what I was also thinking yesterday! Thanks for a thoughtful "send off" for Taylor on the road again!

Taylor's Angels said...

What an exciting adventure for him!
And although you were not there in person - you were there in spirit.
We have a wonderful journey to look forward to this year. Get your rest!

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