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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Traveling Circus Eats to the Beat at EPCOT with Taylor Hicks

For the second year, Taylor Hicks has been part of the Eat to the Beat lineup at EPCOT during the International Food & Wine Festival. For you foodies and wine lovers, it’s a great opportunity to try food and beverages from around the world. I sampled a lot of different fares, including the escargot at France. Not bad when coated with lots of butter and garlic. Last year, my favorite was the Shrimp Cheviche in Chile and this year, it was again at the top of my list. But enough about the munchies!

The advantage of seeing Taylor Hicks at EPCOT is you get three shows for the price of park admission and six shows in just a little more than twenty-four hours! Each of the shows is always different, just like they are when Taylor is touring. Taylor brought his kick-ass band with him: Jeff Lopez, Sam Gunderson, Brian Less, Matt Kimbrell, Leif Bondarenko, and Brandon Peebles. These guys are tight and follow Taylor’s leading like they’ve been together since the beginning of time!

The American Gardens Theater was packed to capacity with people sitting on the walls lining the sides of theater. Few empty seats could be seen. Aunts, uncles and nieces were adopted so they would have a place to sit (I had handicapped seating). Discussions about what Taylor had been doing since American Idol were shared while we waited between shows. Lines were long and packed, just waiting to sit down and enjoy some good music.

During each thirty-minute set, Taylor Hicks delivered his musical message while the audience danced in their seats. Songs included “Taking it to the Streets”, “Bulletproof”, “Use Me”, “Nineteen”, and “Seven-Mile Breakdown”. Taylor added a new song, “Scarlett Begonias”! At the end of various songs, people stood and applauded their appreciation for such a good performance. That’s always a good sign that Taylor is really touching and reaching his audience!

Taylor Hicks never missed a beat throughout the shows, even when the Plexiglas screen came crashing down during “Hold On to Your Love” at Sunday’s second show. The screen had been wobbling continually up until that time. As it slid to the floor, the band continued to play while Taylor appeared oblivious to what was happening. The last thing to fall was the red guitar. Taylor finished the song, turned around, and talked about “bringing down the house” and a new ride at Disney called “flying Plexiglas”! Although it didn’t make an appearance at the last show, I have it on good authority that the red guitar is just fine!

When it was all over, I left the park wishing next year to come quickly so I could do it all over again! Let’s hope Taylor Hicks becomes an annual entertainment for this EPCOT event!

Link for Saturday’s pictures

Link for Sunday’s pictures

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Anonymous said...

Love the Disney Epcot atmosphere . Having Taylor there made it very very special.

Am going again this weekend with family..... no music , however, cuz there 's no Taylor Hicks playing. I will enjoy the country pavilion offerings that I didn't get to see .

I won't be taking my "Mickey Mouse" umbrella that shielded us from the sun , though. No need , as I won't be standing in line to get a seat for the musical show at the American Garden. No Taylor , no need to wait .


Diane said...

Rags - thanks for sharing your recap with us. I always look forward to hearing about your adventures! These videos are terrific - thanks so much for everything you bring us when we can't be there!

san said...

Thanks for your recap, RagsQueen! Epcot was one of the best Taylor experiences I've had. It doesn't get much better than six shows in two days! I don't see how he can't be on the program for next year. He wowed the crowds and not just the fans.

Laurie said...

Love the recap and the pictures and video. Thanks. What a fantastic weekend. Loved every second of it. This is the perfect venue for him and the audience just loves him. Great shows.

KarinP said...

It is great to hear that it was packed to capacity! Hope you had a great time and it would be a wonderful tradition for Taylor to perform at "Eat to the Beat".

I don't know about you, but it seems that time just keeps moving faster and faster. A year will pass quickly and it will be time to go back to Disney before you know it!

As always, I enjoy your descriptive blog. Thanks!

Amy said...

yea! I was one of the nieces (thanks again!) LOVE the pics can't wait til next year hopefully I can see a few shows along the way!

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