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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Traveling Circus Wins the Trifecta! - Part 3

The Traveling Circus is always in awe of what happens at a Taylor Hicks concert, and "Nineteen" at the Boulton Center in Bay Shore, NY was just the performance this song needs and deserves. The audience loved it, including the dedication to the military who protect our freedoms.

This time, the song brought more emotion than usual. Taylor announced that he was looking forward to a USO tour in Afghanastan and flying on a C-130. Tears of pride for the young grey-haired singer formed during the announcement.

The curtain behind Leif was alight with stars. On the stage by Jeff Lopez a small American flag sat waiting to honor the song about a fallen soldier. So as you watch the attached video, watch for the end to hear Jeff's flute solo that adds a special touch to the song.

2010.9.17 Nineteen Bay Shore NY from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful rendition of this poignant song, just as emotional and touching as Bay City where the audience also was brought to tears.

Thank you so much for this, Rags!

jerseyirish said...

Great wrap ups as always, your vids are wonderful. 19 has alot of meaning to me one of my son's very close friends a youngman I practically raised his Mom left the family when he was 7 and I just took him under my wing. He came home the day Taylor's CD was released. Seeing him at my front door was something I will never forget the joy and relief that he was home. I played 19 for him that night, he found a download and sent it off to his buddies still there. He thought it was a great tribute to all soldiers.


hickifino said...

Well done, ragsqueen. Great song, beautifully performed by Taylor and the band. Wow!

KarinP said...

Beautiful capture of this very special song and performance, Mandy. The depth of emotion from Taylor sent chills down my spine.The flute is the perfect way to end the song.

I am so happy to hear that Taylor is going to do a USO Tour. It will be an incredible experience for him and no doubt, a Taylor concert will boost the morale of the troops. May God protect all of them.

jerseyirish, so glad that your young man arrived home safely.

Thanks you for your blogs, Mandy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Rags! Thank you so much! Your videos are wonderful. Awesome performance by Taylor and Jeff.

Gr8fulheart said...

There is little I can say that already hasn't been said. Taylor has touched so many hearts with this song. Done with expression & emotion.
Thanx for this wonderful video, Mandy. You always do a wonderful job of capturing the man, who has made such a difference in many lives. May God continue to bless him, so he can in turn, bless others.♥

Anonymous said...

What great video work with the flag at the end! I don't care who you are if that doesn't bring a tear to your eye nothing will! Thanks Rags LOVE IT!!!
DJinKC (Donna)

Anonymous said...

Great video of "Nineteen"! I love that song and Taylor and band do it with such class!

Anonymous said...

Great video of "Nineteen"! I love that song and Taylor and band do it with such class!

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