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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Traveling Circus Wins the Trifecta! - Part 2

The best way to tell you about the last three shows is to show you video. I wanted to take pictures as well as just sit back and watch, so the videos are limited. But what there is, I think you will enjoy!

Bulletproof is great anytime, whether part of the main show or encore!

2010.9.16 Bulletproof Tarrytown NY from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

Back to Louisiana - both rocking and riveting!

2010.9.16 Going Back to Louisiana Tarrytown NY from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

Maybe You Should - soft and heartfelt

2010.9.16 Maybe You Should Tarrytown NY from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

If you be with the one you love, then love the one you're with! Tarrytown, NY was the place to be!

2010.9.17 Love the One You're With Bay Shore NY from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

My favorites of the three shows were the acoustic encores! Hell of a Day and The Fall, with just Taylor and his guitar and harmonica sitting on a stool. These were fabulous!

2010.9.17 The Fall Bay Shore NY from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

2010.9.18 Rutland VT Hell of a Day from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

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KarinP said...

The videos on Vimeo are phenomenal, Mandy! OMG, where does one start to describe what is seen on the videos that you posted?

Bulletproof - I cannot sit still when watching this one! Taylor and the band have so much fun playing this song. As I watched it, I smiled and enjoyed every second of it. It is easy to see that they are all very proud to perform this one.

Back to Louisiana - Another one of my favourites! Taylor is "saucy" at times which makes it even more endearing to watch.

Maybe You Should - This song has always touched my heart. It is one of those songs that you just "feel" - pain, heartbreak and disapppointment in life which most of us have "lived" at one time. I still would love to see Taylor release this special song on his own.

Seven Mile Breakdown - Outstanding arrangement that keeps getting better and better. Love "going to Church" with Taylor!

Not Fade Away - A true classic performed with so much energy. Just proves that Taylor has the ability to sing anything he chooses to sing and do it well.

Nineteen - A song performed with so much reverence and respect. It always brings a tear to my eyes and compassion in my heart for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one during any conflict. I admire those who willingly serve their countries and all of us.

The Fall - A song written when Taylor was a teenager. How does a young fellow have so much depth to write something so beautiful, honest and emotional? For me, it serves as a reminder of the "old soul" that Taylor really is.

Blood, Sweat & Tears - I am not referring to the "group" but I am saying that this is how Taylor and his band perform the music. They do not just "play" the music. As I watched your videos, I could see how each and every note flows through their veins. They "feel" the music - a huge difference from many of today's artists.

Taylor has been underestimated for his ability to love what he does; perform and understand the music with such emotional depth. Look out World, Taylor Hicks is in the House!

My apologies for the length of my reply but since I am working a night shift, LOL, and have spent the past hour watching your videos, I thought that I would tell you how much I appreciated them.

Thank you, Mandy! You are a very special lady who makes the world a brighter place sharing your pictures; videos and especially your thoughts on your "tour with Taylor"!

Anonymous said...

I will let KarinP's awesome commentary on each video stand alone........bravo.

And bravo to you , RagsQueen for capturing Taylor displaying his many musical sides.


Anonymous said...

First Mandy Thanks so much for bring us these treasures!!
KarinP, wish I had your way with words and expressing them! :)
My Favorite this week is Hell of a Day! As I've had a Hell of a Week, I took a new meaning to every word! I got a lot of comfort in that tonight!! Music smoothes my tried and stressed life, who better than Taylor!

Diane said...

I always enjoy reading your blog Mandy. Your pictures and videos are top notch! Thanks for sharing.

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