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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Traveling Circus Wins the Trifecta! - Part 1

When one is a corporate tax accountant with a September 15 filing deadline, taking a lot of time off in the summer, particularly during the week, it nearly impossible. So when Taylor Hicks added Tarrytown and Bay Shore to his tour list between Norwalk, CT and Rutland, VT, it was just too much for me to pass up! I had purchased a Rutland ticket when they first went on sale, as well as a ticket for the original Norfolk date, but with the changes in the dates, work and life, it didn’t seem I was destined to go. Since Taylor had withdrawn from the SOS show in Philly, and I had an airline ticket to Philly, how better to make use of it, so New England, here comes the Traveling Circus!

There were three great shows, so don’t ask me to rank them – just know it was a wonderful trifecta event! Taylor Hicks was at the top of his game, smiling and having fun on the stage. The theatres were full and the audience was appreciative of what Taylor was giving. Cheers, applause and standing ovations were observed each night.

Ages ran the gamut and there were plenty of both genders! Even the men were yelling out to Taylor, which is always great to hear! Lines were long after the show for the impromptu meet-and-greets, and I’m sure lots of merchandise was sold. Clay was working the table as hard as Taylor was working the crowd!

From “Battlefield” to “Soul Thing” to “What’s Right is Right” to “Seven Mile Breakdown” we were thrilled and entertained throughout the evening. The encores involved a stool, a black guitar and a solo with Taylor Hicks; “Hell of a Day” and “The Fall” were performed depending on the night and location. The encores were as powerful as the regular show. One of my tour favorites has been “Bulletproof”, a La Roux top 40 song. I’ve listened to both versions, and Taylor’s version is much better!

Some of the tags have been amazing: “Running on Empty” is stuck in my head right now, “Lonely Avenue” another tag, has been a surprise. The combination of “The Runaround” with “Not Fade Away” is pure musical genius – a talent that Taylor Hicks definitely possesses.

“Maybe You Should” quiets the audiences as they imagine the pain of losing one’s partner. “Nineteen” brings out the patriotic spirit and a standing ovation from many in attendance. The harmonica is top shelf, and finally in Rutland, we got more cowbell! The jeans and boots were standard, but the shirts were always in keeping with the area: a button down in New York and plaid flannel in Vermont. I know, it’s really about the music, but hey, I noticed!

Three great days, three wonderful shows: a true trifecta in my book! Now to wait until the next round of shows!

Tarrytown, NY pictures

Bay Shore, NY pictures

Rutland, VT pictures

Video will be attached in the next blog entry. One video is extra special!

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Anonymous said...

Autumn Leaves in Vermont with maple trees being tapped for maple sugar and Taylor in a PLAID FLANNEL SHIRT. Great images .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap. Seems like there are fewer and fewer recaps. Plenty of video and pics but for me there's nothing like a recap from an excited fan. I never tire of hearing about the venue, the crowd and how well he is received. Not to mention stories about comments from surrounding people, etc. Thanks.

hickifino said...

Always love your recaps, videos and pictures. Thank you!

KarinP said...

All work and no play would be quite boring so I am happy to hear that you took a well deserved break!

Always appreciate your pictures and you always manage to get some very special ones.

I am so happy to hear that Taylor and his music are being so well received. Standing ovations; mixed genders and shout-outs from the men in the audience - it must be wonderful to be there in person to see all of the audience involvement and appreciation for Taylor, his music and his band.

I think that Taylor's "genius" is being discovered by many more people throughout this tour. I hope that he has enjoyed it and soaked in all of the great moments. The music is fantastic; his stage presence and personality have been a pleasure to watch from afar.

Looking forward to your videos and I thank you, yet again, for allowing me to accompany you through "cyberspace" on your adventures. It really has been so exciting to watch all of this unfold.

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