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Friday, July 4, 2008

A Capitol Fourth - This Land is Your Land

As I listened to Taylor Hicks' rehearsal of "This Land is Your Land" for Friday night's live performance of a Capitol Fourth, I thought about last year's tour and all the places he performed. It made me think about the different marquees with Taylor's name in the center, which ones I had captured and which ones that eluded me. I thought of how far Taylor Hicks had come since winning American Idol in 2006, from a major head-lining tour in 2007 of the US and then on to several places in Asia before the year was out. His first major-label CD, his first Christmas of TV appearances and specials after the win, now with his stint on Broadway in "Grease", and finally tonight on "A Capitol Fourth", an annual PBS special.

It occurred to me that the song is more than just a traditional song to help celebrate our great nation's birthday. It's also about Taylor's travels and his determination to move forward with his career and take advantage of the opportunities he has. After all if the US didn't have the freedoms that we enjoy and often take for granted, talented performers like Taylor Hicks wouldn't have the opportunity to show their talents.

But more importantly is that whenever Taylor Hicks is involved in something like this, he pays tributes to and thanks the men and women of our Armed Forces for fighting to keep our country free. That to me is rare indeed. Taylor does it as effortlessly as he does his "Soul Patrol" greeting.

So enjoy the song that Taylor Hicks will sing tonight, try to remember those marquees of last year, and buried like the treasures they are, enjoy a few pictures, courtesy of PayTheDevil, from Taylor's rehearsal last night.

This land is your land, this land is my land....let us protect it and never take it for granted.

Happy Fourth of July!

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juliegr said...

Very nice video and compilation. Taylor has had an unbelieveable 2 years in the public eye and those marquees featured in your video are only mini view of what has transpired. I admire his ability to maintain an upbeat approach to each new event that he's faced and to continue to push forward with his goal to provide the best music and entertainment he is able to provide for his fans.

KarinP said...

Mandy, your video illustrates that Taylor has certainly taken the words "This Land is My Land" quite seriously! He has travelled so many miles over the past two years, especially, as illustrated by the many billboards in your video.

The "land of opportunity" - that's what they have said about the United States and Canada. Just ask any new citizen of these countries and yet, sometimes, we who were born in these "lands", often, as you said, take it for granted.

I don't think that there a words which would adequately thank the troops and their families for working tirelessly to keep these lands safe and free. Without their dedication, we may not be able to listen to the music we want to listen to and artists like Taylor would not be able to pursue their dreams by providing the world with music that lifts our souls!

Mandy, I always enjoy your perspective on things. The Capitol Fourth has come and gone now which leaves us all wondering what is next on Taylor's agenda. Looking forward to seeing what "road" we will travel next.

Thanks, Mandy!

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