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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Since our Independence Day is near, I wanted to celebrate by trying to learn something new, like making a video from some of my Taylor Hicks concert pictures, adding an audio to it, those fun things that others do, but I haven't tried yet. I can't say I was all that successful, but after several attempts, I managed to make at least a montage of Taylor Hicks pictures from the Spartanburg, SC perform for Red, White and Boom! After several tests of the videos, I discovered my cat had caused my sound to mute, voila, there was Taylor Hicks, singing our National Anthem from his Talladega performance a few months ago!

A very special thank you to Gypsee and The Taylor Hicks Community for the use of the following spectacular video of fireworks with Taylor Hicks singing our National Anthem when he was at Talladega a few months ago! The fireworks are from last year's Capitol Fourth show. So if you want to watch fireworks while listening to Taylor, this is a great video to watch!

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!
A very special Happy Birthday to my Daughter who celebrates her birthday on July 4!
And a heart-felt THANK YOU to men and women who fight on a daily basis in our Armed Forces to preserve our freedoms!

Support our troops with a donation through JewelrySpout's "Taylor Hicks Proud of Our Troops Drive"! Please visit for more information.


Anonymous said...

Random thoughts from the keyboard of RagsQueen. The birthday of our Nation is a good day to reflect on all our privileges and be appreciative of those who have paved the way for us to have them.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful slide show of your pic!
Very nice!

KarinP said...

Mandy, it is always great to learn new things! I enjoyed both of the videos. Spectacular fireworks display!

Happy Birthday to your daughter and to your country! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. The videos turned out great.

Thank you for the happy birthday and no you may not call me at the crack of dawn either.


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