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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Then & Now: Supporting Taylor Hicks

It started with a simple introduction almost three years ago, between Simon Cowell and Taylor Hicks. For the Soul Patrol that conversation was a conversion. It went something like this:

Simon Cowell: "Why are you here?"
Taylor Hicks: "Because I want my voice heard."
Simon Cowell: "Why's that?"
Taylor Hicks: "Because I think I have one."

Taylor's audition was almost over as Simon Cowell uttered those unspeakable, but incorrect words, "They'll never put you in the final ....." but with Paul Abdul and Randy Jackson in his corner, Taylor Hicks was going to Hollywood. Not only that, he would later leave victorious as the the winner! American Idol! Simon may think America got it wrong, but when you see all that Taylor Hicks has accomplished these last few years, I believe Simon was the one who got it wrong!

Enjoy a look back to the 'then' days before American Idol when Taylor Hicks with a few friends performed at Zydeco, a Birmingham, AL haunt. Fast-forward three years to 'now' where Taylor Hicks can be found on the Broadway stage as Teen Angel in "Grease".

Get ready to continue the journey with Taylor Hicks as his "Early Works" is released August 19, 2008. This release should tide us over until his new CD comes out in the fall with another tour to follow!

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KarinP said...

Taylor certainly did want to stand beside the ocean and his persistence paid off. Every tomorrow gives him so much to do these days.

Enjoyed the slide show and I am looking forward to his Early Works CD release.

Thanks, Mandy!

sallyannlady said...

Thanks for the look back, Mandy...Absolutely- Simon was the one who got it wrong. Enjoyed the video. Now "Early Works" is on the horizon, and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see those old photos of Taylor in "his youth" ( 31 isn't classified as an antique yet ) These pictures taken by unknown folk way 6 to 10 years ago are wonderful to watch.



juliegr said...

Fantastic job Mandy -- Taylor has some talented and generous fans. Good job showing the past, the present and publicizing the future.

:) Big round of applause.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! One more week till we're off to see Taylor as Teen Angel. THAT will tide me over until the new CD comes out in August.


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