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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"It's Awesome with a Capital A, Baby!" and a "Big New Deal"

Taylor Hicks has an exciting way of letting the Soul Patrol in on upcoming happenings! Like getting on a morning show such as Good Day New York to tell us what he's up to. Maybe telling about a few not so new tidbits about his upcoming new CD and the "Whomp at the Warfield" DVD recorded last summer.

But this morning on Good Day New York, while talking with the hostess, Taylor Hicks "confided" that he had a "big new deal" to announce real soon! The last time Taylor Hicks made a big announcement, he appeared on the Today Show to tell the Soul Patrol about being cast as Teen Angel in "Grease", the Broadway musical!

It seems Taylor Hicks likes to drop hints - such as 'honing his acting skills' or singing "New York State of Mind" at a charity event just days before the the "Grease" announcement! So what might this "big new deal" be? I'm out of guesses myself, so I'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, enjoy the interview and Taylor Hicks crooning "Beauty School Dropout" to his Frenchy co-star! Taylor describes his time on Broadway as "awesome with a Capital A, Baby"! For the record, this is my favorite rendition of Taylor Hicks singing this song - with only a keyboard and harmonica accompanyment! Enjoy!

The Interview

Beauty School Dropout

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't this just so cool! I loved it!


KarinP said...

"Big New Deal" - ANTICIPATION!

Thanks, Mandy.

Anonymous said...

Trying to guess what Taylor will do next is an act in futility. What will be , will be !!! It will be exciting , for sure !!!


Anonymous said...

Great job. Both videos were awesome. Can't wait to see what the big announcement is.


Anonymous said...

Ya, know, the more video I see where he performs at different studios, the more excited I get about going to see the live version.


Julie said...

Reading between the lines is a learned "skill" and Taylor Hicks is a FINE teacher! :)

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